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Photos by Tom Carey, words by Alexei Obolensky and Tom Carey. 

Isn’t turning up fashionably late to the the party divine? Although 15 minutes in the UK is polite, and 3 hours in France is normal, there is no greater pleasure then turning up late, ideally already intoxicated, avoiding the small talk and getting straight to the champagne and lobster with loosened inhibitions. You are wearing a white smoking jacket and she is wearing pearls. 

It’s no big secret Hawaiian winter has been a little slack. The early doors of the winter party opened late and by all accounts. I think Jeremy Flores won the pipe masters but he once shouted at me and we were busy drinking whisky sours in Soho.  Recently whilst enjoying a fresh fish buffet in CA I was informed by a reliable source who had spent the past 4 weeks on the North Shore (there’s your tip) that the entire time he wondered “what the fuck he was doing there” adding  “The north shore is one of the prettiest places in the world, but when it’s north trade winds the only thing that makes staying on that island bearable is buying an Apple TV from costco. Get a login for every streaming network possible and binge watch until you remember how to smile again” He paused, stirred his Ahi Tuna poke bowl pensively and then walked off. 

Enter the Da Hui Backdoor shoot out. Ignoring the chills that go down the spine when the two words invoking black shorts and beach beatings come into your mind. The Da Hui punishment scale is far, far worse then the Chinese burn that was once administered to me by a angry little Portuguese man wearing a childish coloured wetsuit. 

Pipe! Backdoor! – with 3 guys out. Veteran Photog, Volcom staff Photog, all round hunk and our man on the rock, Tom Carey,  tells us more to accompany the selection of photos he shot above. 

“ After the worst November/December I can remember in my 16 or 17 years of coming to the north shore –  the last week has been quite memorable. The Backdoor Shoot Out had to have had some of the best waves ever for a contest. It was unreal. And to be shooting out there and seeing it first hand, well that was such a treat. Good vibes on the beach and the houses and a coupel of honeys on the beach (I was told)  There was so many crazy rides it was unreal. It totally made up for the last two months. I don’t even remember those days now” 

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