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I’m gonna be honest here. Snowboarding is not my main field of study.

I grew up on an island in the Caribbean, and even if we have a 1500-meter high volcano, the only time I ever heard about snow falling from the sky was in some fantastic voodoo tale. What I remember about moving to France and seeing snow for the first time was how much of a different world the mountains are. It’s a totally new environment that is constantly moving and that you can’t predict. It’s a little bit like surfing… But also a little bit like skateboarding. I mean, these guys attack rails and stair sets with strapped feet, which is something I can’t quite comprehend… but it looks divine! 

The Vans video features the brand’s snowboarding team as they travel the world, and, very good surprise, is shot entirely on Kodak 16mm film. I was pretty much sold at that point, but after watching the trailer of the video and how amazing it looks, you can be sure I will be pressing that iTunes button on the 26th. And so you should.

Featuring: Pat Moore, Mark Landvik, Hana Beaman, Jamie Lynn, Arthur Longo, Cheryl Maas, Markus Keller, Wolle Nyvelt, Phil Jacques, Darrell Mathes, Jake Kuzyk, Zac Marben, Dan Liedahl, Dillon Ojo, Mike Ravelson & Blake Paul.

Directed by Tanner Pendleton for VANS.

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