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Here at Wasted Talent, we’re big fans of listening to people talk.

It is pretty crazy to observe how video has taken over our lives these past few years. Most of us are all glued to our retina screens working all day, only to come back home and watch more stuff on an even bigger screen… Don’t get me wrong, video is an amazing medium, but it’s sometime good to give our own retinas a rest, and listening to podcasts is a great solution.

Wether it is politics, cinematography or surfing, the web is full of little gems of various natures that are well worth a listen…  but this week was all about talk shows of a skateboarding nature.

It all started with Chris Roberts’ Nine Club inviting Bill Strobeck. For more than two hours, the man behind “Cherry” talks about his getting his first VX1000, filming for Alien Workshop’s “Photosynthesis” and the new Supreme video he’s working on.

Then, a day later, Transworld dropped this… One hour and twenty minutes with Jason Dill on NYC’s rooftops. Dill is a unique personality in skateboarding, and his interviews are always hilarious. The man’s got the craziest energy and hearing him talk about thr inspirations behind his sister brands Fucking Awesome/Hockey and his past shoe designs is great. 

Bill Strobeck then joins the show halfway in, and things get even better as the pair remember filming and partying together back in the early 2000. Yes, Bill Strobeck is this kind of guy that you don’t hear about for 3 months and then see twice in a week… but who are we to complain about it!

Now… this one is a different kind, as Tim O’Connor interviews the one and only Fred Gall. We first listened to it in Berlin with a bunch of friends, and we highly recommend you do so, as the thing is messy. Fred’s life is one big Hi-jinks, and hearing him talk about which clips he filmed on acid or him crashing his mom car really raises some questions about how the man is still alive and skating… So for Christ sake… wait until the kids are out, get your friends over and press play.

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