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5 days ago, we attended the Bright European Skateboard Awards in a frozen version of Berlin. 

The guys behind the organisation stepped it up this year, and invited Gary Rogers from Skateline. It offered the crowd a great distraction, despite a few awkward moments due to the shock of cultures between the très vocal American and some more reserved European personalities… All of this to say that one of the few things we remember from the night was the new Carhartt video called “TAV”, which introduced Remy Taveira to their team. 

We loved Guillaume Perimony’s clip. Judging from the crowd’s reaction, it looks like everybody did so, and we can’t wait to watch it again in a more quiet environment… But we’ll have to wait a few more days/weeks for this one….

In the mean time, enjoy this new video celebrating Carhartt recent collaboration with Tolia Titaev‘s brand, PACCBET. The clip features some of our favorite European styles such as Remy Taveira, Felipe Bartolomé and friends, basically skating the winter away in the new 12 piece capsule collection.

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