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We’ve been following the Australian brand Afends for a while now, and it’s great so see their evolution in the past few years.

Afends is a clothing label that originates from Byron Bay, Australia. It was first created by two friends off the back of a small screen-printing business for punk bands in 2006. After designing a few collections and putting together a small surf team, the brand started to make some noise in the alternative coastal towns of Australia and further.

The band recently teamed up with filmmaker Kaius Potter to release a new short film of their own: Broadcasting Good Vibes. The movie is a 16 minute long proof of how much of a diverse tribe the brand has managed to put together. From signing some of Australia’s best upcoming surfers such as Garrett Parkes & Sean Mawson, to putting together an international skate team, including one of our all time favorites Fries Taillieu, Afends is now a splendid collection of individuals of the board-riding nature.

Cop chases in Japan, music jams on the sand, blue water wedges in New Zealand, ditch skating in India, charging empty slabs in Western Australia… the video follows the team’s adventures over the past few months and we classify it as highly recommended viewing. So without further ado, enter the following password: GOODVIBES, and dive in… 

Check out Afends’ range, now shipping Europe-wide.

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