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If you happen to personally know our team members, you know that one of them is the biggest Mark Suciu’s fan… and for good reasons.

Mark is an interesting profile within the skateboarding world to say the least. Pursuing a professional career and studying at the same time doesn’t usually mix quite well… but he is the embodiment of it being possible. Having studied literature, lived Philadelphia then Paris during the past few years, Mark was on a busy schedule, but watching his part in Adidas’ full length video Away Days, it’s safe to say that he pulled it off perfectly.

This new video celebrates Mark’s new shoe on Adidas, the ADV II, and it is the kind of advertisement that we really don’t mind being bombarded with. Get ready to press that replay button a few times as bangers are aplenty, and some of the twists displayed by the Californian native are purely mind blowing.

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