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Out of the many new skateboard brands out of New York City, we have to pick Hotel Blue as one of our favorites.

We first got introduced to Nick Von Werssowetz’s vision on an obscure Youtube channel called lurknyc. Every now and then, our week was spiced up by raw skate edits called “New York Times” or “Mean Streets”, and we quickly became big fans. The lo-fi filming style. The soundtrack. Team rider and spot selection. The random interactions with strangers in the streets. All the things you experience when skating through town with your friends, topped with that NY twist that always does the job at making it more interesting. 

More recently, Nick took his project to the next level and created his own clothing label, Hotel Blue, putting together a solid skate team, dropping a few more epic edits (Rough LuxuryYa Know?) and a fresh line of garms along the way.

For their latest clip, the team traded the big apple’s freezing weather for the streets of San Francisco. Right when you would expect every filmmaker with a VX to film hill bombs in an ode to GX1000, the team sticked to the downtown area to film the ironical “All Flat”… grinding tramway rails, car boots and all that kind of fun stuff…

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