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A refined visual lesson in surfing of the haute performance nature.

Listen Now, Misty Dawn is now available to stream right to your own retinas / homes / offices via the World Wide Web as we speak. Life is fantastic! We premiered Listen Now Misty Dawn this Autumn and my god it was a blast. However even better, we’re sweetening the deal, cutting you in and greasing your palm, spitting you out the other side with a wry smile – and looking far more attractive to the opposite sex…

But first, a quick back story.

Now film tours are always easier over emails. “Let’s do four cities in 6 days” is pleasant, and even fun sounding to write yet the execution can be testing. A rollercoaster of late nights, early mornings, excruciating hangovers, handshakes, clinks of glasses and waiting in Airports. Laughter. Silence. But fuck me is it worth it. LNMD is a up there as the film of the year and we were smitten to tour it around like the beautiful new born it is to the good people of Europe. Dutch Groms. Warehouses in Hossegor. Ever so slightly psychedelic ferry rides in Amsterdam. Torrential Rainpour in Bristol. A party on a Superyacht in Barcelona. Easyjet. Technical Problems. Lost Phones. Absinthe. Taxis. More specifically Chippa’s phone still circulating in a taxi around Barcelona. The most glorious of Skueys. A splendid, if not slightly hazy affair….

And we’d like to cut you in on it. Or at least as much as we can do so.

To celebrate the LNMD release, we’re giving away both LNMD tees and any pair of EPØKHE’s of your choosing. All you have to do is pop your email in that little box below.


We’ll be choosing a winner on Monday the 19th. So, what cha waiting for?

We have a highly limited selection of LNMD tee shirts available here.

UPDATE: Winner is Angus James, Congratulations!

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