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From the World February 19, 2018


If you’ve ever held a copy of our first print magazine, you are most likely to be familiar with Jack Whitefield.

Jack was raised in St Ives, Cornwall. Alongside surfing the beaches in the area, Jack also started to document his surroundings, most of the time on black & white film: “I began making pictures because it seemed the most direct and simple way of recording life. I started with a 35mm rangefinder because it was cheap and easy to use. When I started taking pictures, I noticed that my eye was drawn to everything in the landscape. There was a photograph in almost anything.” 

Jack quickly became one of our favorite photographers, and today we are excited, as he is announcing his first solo show: ‘TERRAIN’.

Whitefield’s work can be considered banal, so rooted in the everyday that it seems disconnected from our idea of reality. Inspired by The New Topographics, one cannot help but consider Whitefield an outsider to his subject matter. 

‘A cracked window on to the American dream, put a wedge in the crack you might split the whole dream in half.’ Whitefield picks up on these fractures, the sound of broken glass sandwiched between tarmac and a stiletto. He is led there by the light that pours in between the cracks, the nature that always finds a way to retake control. 

Crushed Cans. Crushed Dreams. If the prevailing atmosphere is of disillusion, then it is not without hope, with the end of a dream comes a renewed engagement with reality.

If you are in London this week, or even the next month we would highly advise passing by the Golborne Gallery to check out Jack’s show, details bellow!


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