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A few months ago, I got a call from Leo Valls asking if I wanted to join him on a skate trip to Milan.

I had never been to Italy, and that was already enough to convince me. But after he mentioned that all my friends from Bordeaux were also on the trip, my ticket was booked in minutes.

3 days later, the bus was dropping us all at the iconic Milano Centrale – aka MC. We got to the spot, and one person directly caught my attention: it was Ruben Spelta. My friend Gary had told me how good he was, but seeing him skate the plaza up in real life was a different story. MC is not an easy place to skate: There’s cracks all over the ground and the ledges are rough. People walking by are constantly cutting your lines and with the crackhead brawl happening 24/7, you got to always have a eye on your stuff. The whole package is quite hectic. But Ruben made it look so easy to navigate it all: it was quite mind-bending to witness, and it’s was a great surprise to see him coming through with a few bangers in this clip.

While you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to check the full report in print, we advise you to dive in this video straight away and see what it is all about, namely Heitor Da Silva. I had seen him tearing up various indoor parks (- mostly Bryggeriet) and already knew he was a ripper. But I fell there’s always a difference between doing that, and proving yourself in the streets, and that’s what Heitor just did in the best way possible. Power, style, and sublime trick/spot choices. The man’s got it all, and I feel like we’re gonna hear more and more from him very soon!

Overall, that’s a strong video that our friends at Solo just released, and one sure thing after watching it, is that skateboarding in Europe has a bright future ahead!

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