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Braving London’s winter when you’re a skateboarder looks quite harsh. But it looks even harsher with an injury.

That’s what Jamie Platt has been dealing with for the past couple of months, and Downtime is a an ode to his time recovering, and getting back on the board.

I first checked the video out by curiosity, knowing it was all filming on super 8, and to be honest I expected it to be quite dark, knowing the though times Jamie Platt was going through battling his injury. But I was actually very pleased, as James Cruickshank did a good job at turning the piece into a enjoyable balade through the British capital, featuring some of our favorite european skateboarders, such as Ben Raemers, Felipe Bartolome, Bobby De Keyzer, Mike Arnold, Remy Taveira and mainly David Stenstrom. Everything this guy does looks smooth as butter, and watching him cruise through MWADLANDS is a highlight you don’t want to miss.

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