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We’ve been waiting for this one to drop for a little while now, and it did not disappoint.

“HUF 001” is the latest offering from Keith Hufnagel’s brand. Gather the whole skate team together, hire filmers, book plane tickets, get the clips somewhere in the madness, fine chop (very, very fine in this case…) the rushes to a selection of upbeat songs, and you get the above concentrated banger. 

Every occasion to see Brad Cromer and Austyn Gillette on the board is an event to attend. But let’s be honest here; the whole video is a build up to Jake Anderson‘s part, and well, to put it in simple words… the man is on a rampage. After releasing a part for Thrasher and Former a few weeks ago, the Ventura native is back with more mind blowing footage; You can tell when someone is on confidence run, and that’s exactly what Jake’s skating feels like in this part – and we can’t recommend enough to dive in straight away…

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