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It’s Monday morning, but we still haven’t fully recovered from our London tour…

London? Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary Poppins… But mainly House of Vans. And what a place for the launch of our new child Volume 2!

But first let me explain how I got there; It’s 4PM on Thursday 22/03/18. The event is supposed to start at 6PM, and the export of the latest film we’re supposed to screen tonight is stuck at 67%… through some sort of divine intervention, and for the first time in my life, my 13″ MacBook and Premiere Pro decide to make peace and work hand in hand, enabling me to head to central London at rush hour. After 2 metro changes and a bus ride, I arrive at Waterloo Station. I run, eventually losing my credit card in the madness. But it doesn’t matter at that point.

At my arrival, I’m welcomed by the groovy tunes of Nathan Ball & Max Radford and local skate rats shredding the indoor skatepark. Three hours later and a less experienced — but on a liquor-fueled confidence run — individual is dropping the deep end of the bowl. Chippa and Brendon are throwing hammers in the cinema room and pages of our baby are being teared apart. It’s a happy chaos where everybody seems to find his place, and despite a no show from our photographer (hence why you should alway carry a brand new roll of film with you…) we had a blast! 

Thanks to everybody who showed up, shared one of these Jamaican lagers made in Brixton, danced, stickered the whole place up, watched the movies, and especially to the crew at Vans who really made the whole operation seamless.

If you are London and want a copy of Volume 2, we left a couple behind us. and if you are not, then we recommend heading to our online store as we are throwing a free copy — and brand new stickers! — with every purchase.

Text and photos by Yentl Touboul.

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