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After Globe’s “Good luck in Lisbon“, it’s now Converse Cons’ turn to visit the portuguese capital.

And James Cruickshank is coming back strong with this one. I recently got introduced to his work via DOWNTIME, his interpretation of Jamie Platt‘s recovery after a nasty leg injury. Whilst really enjoying the London based piece, PASTEL has a way higher energy, as it documents Cons’ latest trip to Lisbon, and on top of witnessing Platt back in full form (that pop!), we’re graced by a superb cast. Whilst you can’t really go wrong with the Remy Taveira/Bobby De Keyzer combo, we’ve been really pleased with Felipe Bartolome off late! The man has some serious flair, and we love his approach on some of these less usual, rougher spots. Overall, a strong edit that leaves us with only one question: What really happened after 2:58???

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