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This has to be one the best skate videos of 2018 ― yet.

Vans just dropped the hammer, releasing “Spinning Away”, a new skate video featuring Tyson Peterson, Kyle Walker & Chima Ferguson, with cameos of their major team riders, such as Elijah Berle, Andrew Allen, Dustin Dollin, Curren Caples but also Rowan Zorila! I mean, we can’t get enough of the guy, and this wallie-front-lipslide-thing on that curved ledge was one of the most enjoyable tricks I’ve watched in a while…

Also that soundtrack… “Nightclubbing” by Iggy Pop followed by “Spinning Away” by Brian Eno/John Cale to bring down the curtains… that was just splendid. Well done Vans on killing it on every level with this new vid, and setting the bar very high for 2018.

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