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Cleptomanicx is a brand we’re somehow very familiar with.

The first reason is having their brand manager sharing some office floor with us. If you’ve ever visited Wasted Talent Boutique, yes, he’s that tall, long haired, amazingly nice guy that will impress you with his vicious backside hacks in the sea, and steeze for days when it comes to skating a bowl…

But the main reason behind our following of Clepto, is being fans of some of their team riders. And getting to check out their latest footworks in the above video was a great surprise, as they celebrate their time away from the German cold in the glorious sun of Gran Canaria. Team vibes are strong in this one, and damn the place has got some amazing spots! Dive in for the latest of Jan Hoffmann, Tjark Thielker, Lars Zimermann, Niklas and Benny Vogeln behind the lens of David Lindberg.

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