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From the World April 10, 2018


Ain’t Paris a beautiful place?

Shot in the French capital, “The Ocean” is the following of “Good Weekend” and the second installment of a video series shot on 16mm film by Blake Myers & starring Leo Valls visiting different European cities. 

We were actually cruising with Leo yesterday afternoon and seeing “the minister” — as he is called by the younger generation of skaters — in full cruise mode seems a bit odd, knowing how busy the man actually is. When he is not working on some new projects with Magenta Skateboards, he is more likely to be meeting with the city inhabitants to explain them how skateboarding can be beneficial to the local economy, or on the phone with the Mayor of Bordeaux to integrate the sport within the cultural agenda of the city. Leo cares that much about street skateboarding, and this clip is what it is all about. Travelling and having fun in the streets. And if all the romanticism about Paris and the Hemingway quotes weren’t enough to make you want to visit this magical city, this little clip cut to Richard Hawley’s melodic chant might just be enough to change your mind.

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