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Despite the streets being our playground, city life can be pretty oppressive at times.

Especially if like Sam Partaix you’re spending half the year on the road, it’s easy to burn out. It’s probably why after long stints in Lyon, Paris & Berlin over the past decade,  Sam decided to move to calmer pastures. 

One where the skate scene thrived, albeit away from the urban chaos of metropolis living. Having discovered a passion for surfing, Sam naturally found himself drawn to our ends, The French Basque coast. A place where he could skate, surf and re-connect with nature, away from the urban sprawl.

Marengo is the culmination of a week spent with Sam in his new surroundings, in a bid to document the crossroads of his newly found escapism.


Supported by Vans

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Filmed & Edited by Robin Pailler.

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