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You might be asking: “It’s the 18th of July and you’re sharing a 20-minute surf video shot in Iceland. Have you lost your mind?”

We asked ourselves the same thing. After the never ending winter we experienced this year and the fruits of summer finally hanging low enough for us to grab them (read “surf in boardies”) how the hell could we be hyped on watching someone surf in a neoprene armor?

But well you see, that’s some of the weird things that good filmmaking can make you do. And “The Fjordman” is an example of the above. From the magnificent original soundtrack composed by Russell W to the pristine direction/filmmaking by Ryan Mattick & Dave Fox, the whole team did a wonderful job of making the sublime lights and landscapes of Iceland ever more wonderful. And who better than Asher Pacey, an individual whose grace on a twin fin is hard to match, to make it all come together flawlessly… We would rather you judge for yourself. So without further ado, plug in your biggest screen & some decent speakers and dive in the blizzard!

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