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Vignettes July 31, 2018April 9th, 2021

“I’m not good at goodbyes” – Sadie Bailey

All photos by Sadie Bailey. Words by Yentl Touboul.

All photos by Sadie Bailey. Words by Yentl Touboul.

By now, the name Sadie Bailey should ring a bell.

If it doesn’t, then take a quick look at Volume III. She’s the girl who took that stunning photo on the Summer cover.

I first met Sadie a couple of years ago in Paris, but it feels like a lot longer.

The reason being how much I’ve seen her evolve as both an artist and human since. When we first met, she was this carefree 18-year old—mostly living during the night hours, photographing what was around her on a point & shoot. Don’t get me wrong… she still loves a cheap pint and is actually one of the funnest persons to go out for one with… But being able to see Sadie’s work evolve into something more mature and paced has been amazing. She’s become fully aware of the subtle notions that make a photograph great, and her body of work has become way richer. From landscapes to portraits, her work, all shot on black & white film, has that gritty look and those punchy tones that are recognizable straight away. 

On top of having a great eye, Sadie is a girl who sees further than her viewfinder. She isn’t afraid about getting her hands dirty in the darkroom, seeking further control on her negatives and prints. If you’re interested in black & white film photography, we can’t help but recommending to visit her website and give her a follow on Instagram, as she’s definitely not shy about sharing her knowledge about films, equipment and processing techniques.

But back to the here and now.

After spending almost a decade living in London, Sadie recently turned a new page in her life and decided to move back to the place she grew up: California. Apart from missing her behaviour at our release parties, we can’t complain when she comes back to us with bangers like the one gracing our cover.

Sadie recently sent us an email with her souvenirs from her last weeks spent in London.

So here you have it. 

« I’m not good at goodbyes »

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