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Vignettes February 11, 2024

Di rosso e azzurro

It’s been little over a year since our good friend and Berlin based photographer Dennis Scholz blessed us with a Portuguese retreat via Passados Duplos.

This year he’s gifted us with a little vignette from a trip to Puglia, which instantly has us yearning for la dolce vita. Copious morning espressos. Home made carbonara. Campari Spritz’s by the sea. What’s there not to love about lo stile di vita Italiano?

If you’re unfamiliar with Dennis, he’s been a staple of the German skate scene for over a decade. A man of many talents, equally adept at framing a trick as he is executing one – see his Santé part for proof. He’s also a man who knows how to “holiday”.

“Welcome to a new visual tale of a charming destination, or in this case a story of red & light blue, which is how the title of this series translates (I hope). 

Puglia in Italy is one of these regions that really seem to live tradition. Countless wildly articulating legends on the Saturday market, rough amounts of Campari Spritzes, plus the freshest carbs imaginable, seem to result in a very wholesome lifestyle overall.
And somehow, everything lines up in red & light blue. Enjoy a glimpse of late summer, painted in colors di rosso e azzurro.” – Dennis

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