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Photography by Dennis Scholz

Who doesn’t love a Portuguese retreat?

The warmth. The landscape. The super bocks on ice.

Our dear friend Dennis Scholz recently embarked on an extended trip to the Algarve, in a bid to escape the harsh winter of Berlin, returning with this delightful series entitled Passados Duplos.

“Did you ever go to a place and instantly have this weird comfortable feeling that being there is the right thing? With all its imperfections – the wind, weird van life creatures, unpredictable ice waves – Sagres in Portugal is that place for me. 

PASSADOS DUPLOS is a unique tense used in Portuguese, meaning as much as double past, which perfectly speaks for this series. It merges small moments that make Portuguese countryside life beautiful and odd. But please don’t book a flight because nobody really needs more tourists in the water” 🙂

If you’re unfamiliar with Dennis, he’s been a staple of the German skate scene for over a decade. A man of many talents, equally adept at framing a trick as he is executing one – see his Santé part for proof. He’s also one of those photographers that’s annoyingly good all round, seamlessly moving between commercial, documentary and skateboarding, with a razor sharp eye for light and composition.

And yes, that is fellow German ripper Michael Mackrodt getting tricks as always. Ageing like a fine wine!

You can check out more of Dennis’ work here.

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