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Seth Conboy is a goofy footer with a penchant for hollow lefts hailing from the East Coast of the US. New Jersey to be more precise.

This winter, rather than spending his money flying to the other side of the globe, he took the decision to stick around his ends and enjoy the fruits of an east coast Winter. Seth recently released the video recap of these few months: “Vacancy”. We advise that you get familiar with him as the fact that he’s associated with our friends from Adelio (some very slick wetties you can purchase here) means that you might see more from him soon… Here are a few words about the project from the man himself:

“Through the winter months, the most common signage you will see from North Carolina to New Jersey is vacancy. The winter brings emptiness to all of the beach towns in the Mid-Atlantic, with freezing temperatures and perfect waves for miles. I didn’t leave the East Coast this year, it didn’t really make sense to. Luckily some friends were around to get some footage.”

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