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It was the first week of December, and the trigger point of the whole adventure was receiving a text from the Volcom team manager, saying the Metal Neck boys were in town. At first we didn’t understand why anyone would cross the Atlantic to land in the middle of the worst winter France was having in decades… but knowing the boys’ penchant for a good time, we thought it would be fun anyway and joined. We blasted Melvins at unreasonable volume in their rental Ford C-Max, watched too many Al Pacino movies and found a couple of decent waves to have a slide on in between rainstorms. A fine time was had indeed and sufficient enough Mauro Diaz to impress us to score a double spread in Volume 2

Since then, Mauro has been keeping busy spending the rest of his winter in more favorable climates, staying for a few weeks at the infamous North Shore’s Volcom house, but also flying back home to score a few epic sessions on his home Island of Puerto Rico. More recently, Mauro re-connected with Metal Neck’s Matt Tromberg and together they spent time doing what they know best: driving South of the border and coming back with surf clips that we’ll get you psyched to do the same: proof attached…

… and if you ever get bored at work this week, here’s one of our favorite surf movies in recent years.

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