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photos:  Ash Kelleher .

photos: Ash Kelleher.

A surf film premiere can be fairly formulaic. Venue. Film. Over order on the booze. 

But this was different. Our aquatic love child conceived with Volcom—Rumble Fish—entered the world in such style we couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear like the proud parents that we are. And as the sun set over the River Adour, crew starting rolling in and beers were being drunk with increasing enthusiasm. We followed the formula. Over ordered on the booze, and yep you guessed it we were dry at the end. As everyone was suitably hazy we plugged laptops into projectors, closed our eyes and prayed that it would work. It did. And oh my Anglet, aren’t you a little rowdy?! Hoots and shouts, beer spills, ripped magazines. This is hedonism at it’s finest. Surf industry of the 90’s feel and we fucking love every moment it. As the credit’s rolled, Cheaap lit up the stage and deeper into the rabbit hole we naively went. The party then moved onto Bar de la Plage and quite frankly the best abuse of a corporate card we’ve seen in a few years. There were sparklers. There were bottles. We remember little. 

The next morning brought foggy heads, a collective notion of needing food (like now) our dear editor’s flat conveniently located up the road from the after party this morning looked like it had been bombed, and our intern was 4 and an half hours late to work. Needless to say it was a stelar success, to the extent to which we’re considering taking RF on tour. Purely because we love it so much. 

Oh, and we also might release it online next week. We’ll let you know. x 

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