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Every Joe G video is an event in itself.

A rather private individual, Joe Guglielmino (to use his his full name) has quietly—but surely—been setting the standards for surf filmmaking, producing some of the most influential surf pieces of the past decades. From shorts online edits such as Electric Blue Heaven or full length films like Year Zero or the more recent Strange Rumblings, the man has inspired a whole generation of filmmakers and by the look of things, he has no plan of stopping doing so anytime soon.

Globe having Joe as their main videographer, the pair has been working on a series of shorter videos part of a new series called “Cult of Freedom”. After the Australia part, and an unexpected 8mn Taj Burrow part, we’re now graced by the first visions of the latest episode they have been working on: The New Zealand part, featuring Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Creed McTaggart. We’ll leave you with the film’s trailer and the premiere tour poster bellow that should get you psyched to get social and check out the full version at one of these events.

Be sure to check Globe’s Instagram to stay up to date with the details of each screening!


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