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There could be many reasons for someone moving to our little corner of France, but live music is not one of them.

If you’re into music of the clubbing type then Hossegor’s Centrale might be paradise to your ears, and you’ll be able to listen to the likes of Steve Aoki and Flo Rida every night of the week. But if you’re into actual music played with real instruments, and especially some of the punk rock type, the struggle might in fact, be real. Although this summer has been considerably better: We’ve been graced by live performances from musicians we’re fond of—namely John Maus—and numerous festivals supplying us with a their fair share of hangovers, thank you very much. And to an extent, this regained vigor is partially due to the work of small collectives such as the one run by our friends at Musique d’Aperitif. They have been doing a neat job at inviting some great musicians in our area, and after our Volume III release party, we’re teaming up with them again and invited a band we’ve been hearing for a while: Los Scallywaggs

Along with the likes of Skegss and Dune Rats, they can be considered as some of the most notable influencers in the Australian Slacker Rock scene, and after touring all over Australia, the noisy bunch has now landing in Europe for the first time. They will be playing at California Kitchen, Biarritz, on Monday the 27th (full details on the poster above/via the FB event) and we hope to see you there for what should be a quiet Monday night at the library indeed… 

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