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We recently had the chance to hang out with absolute legend, and one of our favorite—ongoing—childhood heroes: Mr. CJ Hobgood.

One of the topics we discussed on this wonderful vino fueled night was the forever greatness of “going South of the border”. If you happen to either be a goofy footer or having grown in the early 00’s—even more if both—chances that images of CJ and his brother Damien tearing up these Mexican right handers are more than likely deeply engraved in your mind.

Knowing the love of the soft speaking, southern drawling Floridians for surfing, fishing and having a fun time in tropical waters, it’s no wonder that they took the rest of the crew on a couple of adventures South of the border… Watch the chronicles of their travels in the brand’s full length, “Find refuge in the Sea”, starring CJ himself, Damien, Matt Meolla and the rest of the Salty gang.

Keep your eyes peeled for CJ’s interview—originally published in Volume 3—dropping online later this week!

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