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Chippa Wilson is a freak.

We thought that Chip was a the top of his game last year when we filmed “Through the Pines” but the past two weeks have shown us very different… When organizing the Larcertilia tour, we originally were quite in the dark. We knew we were going to tour Europe in order to screen 4 movies, including Chippa’s new part as the ender, but in all honesty, appart from this, we didn’t know much. We’d seen Brendon and Jay’s movies so this side was not a mystery. We knew that Dion had a “surf rage” thing going on. But Chippa’s part was the biggest question mark.

And there was no better way to unveil the mystery than on the big screen and turnt to the max speakers at our Volume IV release party two weeks ago. Whilst most surfers would need a year to put out a 3 minute part, a couple of Indo trips spread over 4 months was way enough for Chippa to unleash the above 10 minute part… And if numbers are not enough to prove how fucked up good he is at surfing, then the first few seconds of “OCTO” 4” should be enough to convince you…

But there’s more to it:

We thought Chippa’s part dropping would be a good occasion to give away Chippa’s Octopus set up, consisting of his new cream color signature tail-pad and cream front pad. And although it might not make you as good as Chip, it will surely make your surfboard way cooler. So without further ado, head over to your Instagram and make sure:

1.) Follow @wastedtalentmag @wastedtalentboutique & @octopusisreal

2.) Tag a friend on Chippa’s video (this one)

3.) Cross your fingers whilst waiting the lucky outcome that will be announced next Friday (02/11/18).

If you cant wait, you can shop Octopus’ latest drop here.

Chippa doing bits in Spain last week.

Chippa doing bits in Spain last week.

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