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If you’ve followed our activities the past few weeks, you know we haven’t been behind our desks for quite a while…

After spending some time on Paris’ sidewalks (more about that soon), spending full days searching for waves between France and Spain and taking Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson, Jay Davies and Evan Mock on a a European premiere tour (meeting our new spiritual guru on the way) we’re finally (semi) back in the office.

This whole time, we knew Element had released a full length video. We’d heard Chris Roberts and Evan Smith talk about it in his episode of the Nine Club, and knew it was quite something, but we still couldn’t find enough hours in our days to sit and watch the whole one-hour long full video… But this is the clip that sold us on it. Right here. Mason Silva’s performance is the film is mind blowing, and just a few months after releasing his intro part for Former & killing it all year long (including at the CPH Open this summer) it really puts him in a different class. The SOTY contender kind of class. The film also includes stelar parts from Evan Smith, Brandon Westgate, Madars Apse, Jaakko Ojanen, Nassim Guammaz and more. If you’re in the need of something with a wow factor to start your week and have a spare tenner, then head over here to get yourself the full length version of the video.

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