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From the World October 29, 2018


It’s no secret we love Craig Anderson.

In line with our eternal love for goofy footers, Craig has been one of our favorite surfers and someone we’d been wanting to publish in our magazine since its very first day. Working on his recent feature & cover of our newest issue—Volume IV—with all time legendary photographer John Respondek has been as good as it gets. Shot over the many years of their ongoing collaboration, the 16-page feature is part of an upgoing book project between the pair, and when the photos arrived in the office, everyone downed tools and looked in stunned admiration. If you’ve yet to get your hands on it, we highly recommend to do yourself a favor and getting amongst it, as it features some the best surf photographs we’ve seen in a really long time, as well as notes from Craig himself.

In other news, Craig recently few to Indonesia with fellow Modom team-mate Taj Burrow, another usual suspect when it comes to tearing the Ments to pieces indeed. They came back with “TILT”, that we encourage you to consume without waiting.

Get your copy of Volume IV free with every purchase from our online store, and also available as a bundle with our tote bag.

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