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From the World October 29, 2018

Jimmy Roche in “Adult Loser”

In all honesty, we hadn’t heard much about Jimmy Roche before.

Somehow, the following clip ended up in our inbox, and what a pleasant surprise it was. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Jimmy, has been battling a knee injury for the past year; “After a year or two ordeal of recovering from my surgery, I found out my good mate Fitty had bought a camera and was filming everyone at all the new spots popping up around Melbourne. When I was finally ready I wanted to get a real part going with him right away. A few months into it Brixton hit me up and asked me to film something with Caeylen, so the whole thing just ended up coming together naturally.”

Jimmy has managed to come back in a very strong manner with “Adult Loser”, his new part that’s been filmed across Australia, and has just been released on the cyberweb; “We shot most of this before or after work on weekends, and after University during the week, which Caeylen and I both attend together. That balancing act became the hardest the part of the project! We added some contrasting Super 8 footage I had from a trip to central Australia and in Melbourne CBD; the concept was basically to make it an “Australian” skateboarding clip and incorporate everything from our surroundings.”

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