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This weekend saw the Vans Shop Riot Finals celebrate their tenth year anniversary in Milan Italy, in which 14 shop teams went all in with Holland’s Burnside eventually being crowned 2018 winners.

Friday kicked off with the very first Vans Shop Riot Bowl Jam at the local Bastard Bowl, which included some heavy skating from the likes of Fabio Martin & Itamar Kessler. The place was filled with exclusive artwork from Phil Hackett with John Cardiel taking up DJ duties to deliver a reggae heavy set that ensured party vibes were in full flow.

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Saturday saw us wash away hangovers before making our way to the Pinbowl skatepark.

Having suffered an injury the previous night, UK’s Black Sheep team were down one however local ripper Jacopo Carozzi filled in to wow crowds with his casual steez.

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Although Traektoria (Russia), Skate.CH (Switzerland) & Gilis (Israel) all delivered exceptional heats, reaching the finals respectively, it was Burnside that stole the show with Rob Maatman in particular, delivering some heavy bangers including a sweet nollie FS feeble on the big rail before taking an extra bonus during Best Trick with a kickflip from bank to bank over the steps.

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Shout out to Vans for giving local shops the opportunity to showcase their talents and for keeping grassroots in skateboarding alive. Check out the official Vans gallery below.

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