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From the World October 31, 2018


About a year ago now, our old friend and aquatic weapon Tito Lavole headed to Australia.

After meeting Afends’ top lords and the team’s usual suspects upon his arrival in Byron bay, he soon after headed South toward New South Wales, where he met other Afends associates including Jai Walsh and Max Zappas. After spending a year around the zone, and not being able to break enough walls or spend enough time working in the fields due to a broken arm, Tito eventually ran out of visa credits, and thus we picked him up from Biarritz airport on the night of the world cup final this summer… 

The idea was to set back up for good around Bordeaux, study a few more years in art school, probably join some musical projects he’s been thinking about for some time, and whilst we loved having him back for a moment (that was long enough for him to eat his fair share of french sand) it didn’t last long! Not even a month in and Tito had already packed his bags and got his ticket back in Australia. And to be honest why wouldn’t you, considering that winter was around the corner and the attractivity of the boys’ set up—playing music and spending glorious times cruising all around the East Coast scoring waves in spring-suit, as pictured in “Distorted Youth”, Max’s latest video for Afends.

Tito shot by  Max Zappas .

Tito shot by Max Zappas.

If you haven’t done it yet, he highly recommend that you also check out AFENDS’ recent full length “Broadcasting Good Vibes’“, directed by Kaius Potter, which features numerous of the boys’ musical compositions, as well as AFENDS’ newest drop that we coincidentally happen to be stocking online!

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