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For the past few years, we’d been used to the regular Ben Chadourne web clips.

Every few weeks, the Bordeaux based filmmaker would release short skateboarding videos with an x-factor, that spark, an impeccable filming topped by tasteful edits that made them stand out from the rest. And as much as we loved “PURPLE” and think it’s one of the best full length skate videos of the past few years, we’d been missing the man’s shorter versions, such as “DAYDREAM”, “AT FAYA” & “OH YES”.

But that’s all over with the recent release of “GLORY PUSH”, which should by no doubt provide your dose of instant satisfaction. Dive in Chadourne’s latest flick featuring Hjalte Halberg, Nik Stain, Bobby De Keyzer and Paul Grund, and filmed around Prague, Berlin, Dudapest and Vienna.

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