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Vignettes November 15, 2018April 9th, 2021

“Europe” by Evan Mock

Some of the misconceptions our Trans-Atlantic friends have about “Europe” can be highly entertaining at times.

As if the old continent was one nation, that Chopin and Wagner were fellow countrymen, and the fact we can travel our countries without stamping our passports meant that residents of Amsterdam could vote for the independence of Cataluña.

 We’ll blame said misconceptions, which would make our friend De Gaulle turn in his grave, on the 7000km separating our coasts, but mostly on the incessant brainwashing of Fox News. But whatever their real cause, Evan Mock sure knows that Berlin is not Paris, or Barcelona. Being a proud Oahu native and the first one to claim the island’s cultural singularities, he’s a highly informed individual when it comes to the importance of European cultural subtleties.

Besides being one hell of a talented skateboarder, a considerably better surfer than our entire office combined and represented by one of the most famous model agencies in the world, Evan is smart beyond his years and doesn’t sleep on his laurels. Spending time with him last year gave us plenty of time to get acquainted with his knowledge of music, fashion, and the fact that he happens to be very good at photography.

Creative juices have been running in the Mock family for a long time. As he tells us, “My grandpa was an amazing painter/artist and my mom was always so crafty. My dad is basically an artist, and has been sculpting single fins by hand for many years, so I’ve been around art and creativity all my life. I think having those people around me at all times has really helped me develop an eye for something creative.” And with sister Alana being a photographer herself, picking up a camera to document his friends and family was natural.

And he’ll be the first to admit that this year has been a game changer, travelling to Mexico, Tahiti and the likes with shooting as a main purpose, and later on organizing his first solo photography show in Los Angeles, were he now resides.

So with him saying “yes” when we asked for the rolls he’d been shooting whilst drifting from Copenhagen to Berlin and London this summer, and the scans getting back from the lab right before our deadline, here you have it: an excerpt of “Europe by Evan”, published in its entirety on the pages of Volume IV.


Kevin White, Berlin, Germany. “I’ve been to a few different countries with this dude in the last 31 days and let me tell you whatever we’re up to, he doesn’t stop.”


Tatiana Chudnoska, Berlin, Germany. “One of Moscow’s few unicorns to escape the Russian government.”


David Jakinda, Berlin, Germany. “It was back in 2013, during my first time in Europe, that I met David at a skatepark in Stockholm, Sweden. We’ve kept in touch ever since but didn’t cross paths again until this year in Germany. Skateboarding has given me friends around the world, and places to stay in every country (haha).”


Arto Saari, Berlin, Germany. “I owe a lot to to this man right here. He’s taught me so much throughout the couple of years I’ve known him, about skateboarding, photography, life…the list goes on and on but he’s become like a second dad to me. He’s one of my biggest inspirations and I can’t thank him enough for the memories we’ve had together and the ones that are ahead.”

PAGE4.7 web.jpg

London Police. “Carnival at Notting Hill is clearly another planet. Let’s just leave it there for your minds to wander.”


Rory Milanes, London, UK. “I got to show Rory and the Palace Skateboards team around the island I grew up on in Hawaii, a trip that consisted of skateboarding, beach days, swimming with sharks, smoking Maui wowie, dance parties and hikes. They had such a good time that they wanted me to come and see how they lived in London. So I did. I got to see Rory DJ a party until the sun came up and skate around the beautiful city.”

PAGE4.5 web.jpg

Benny Fairfax, London, UK. “I can’t thank Benny enough for letting me stay at his house for two weeks when I told him I’d only stay for a couple days originally! Haha. He took me all around London and showed me some legendary spots I’d only seen in skate videos. Here’s Benny shooting during my first ever game of snooker.”

PAGE4.4 web.jpg

Imogene Von Barron, Barcelona, Spain. “After our dear friend Dylan passed, Imogene and I bonded like no other and we’ve been friends ever since. She is there for me always and I will always be there for her. For example, I’m writing this caption in her apartment, where she’s letting me stay while she’s away so I can watch over her plants. She’s an absolute weapon and I really look up to her outlook on life and her ability to care for the ones she loves.”

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