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Oscar Langburne has been on our radar for a while now, and for good reason.

We don’t remember the last time we’ve seen someone with that much finesse on a surfboard at such a young age (Osc is 15 fyi), especially in this day and age where rushing toward end sections and sending it has become the norm. Not that we’re here to judge on the young uns, as diversity is a beautiful thing and we also enjoy watching the aerial wizardries of the younger class. But witnessing Oscar bringing his subtle lines to the game has been refreshing to say the least.

Capture d’écran 2018-11-21 à 14.32.41.png

Having to met the little man briefly on our much adored Grande Plage, it’s easy to notice that the kid has been looking up to the right people , wether it’s his team mates (who happens to be no on else than Dane Reynolds, Craig anderson, Chippa Wilson and Austyn Gillette amongst others) or all time greats such as Patti Smith, Ian Curtis, Nick Cave and the likes. Today, we — and the rest of the world — get to know Oscar a little better as he just dropped his most complete clip yet called « ELEGIA”. Filmed and cut by Adelio-associated lord Dan Scott, the video features Osc trying out some of his new Hayden Shapes in Indonesia, as well as him telling us a little more about his inspirations, and indirectly who he is a a young man. 

Photos by Amber Mozo.

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