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Pukas Surfing team in Mundakawe-82 2.jpg

And we’re back to Mundaka…

Winter in Europe can be a bleak affair. With days getting shorter and shorter, rain being on the menu most days & the majority of local beach-breaks being too mean for tip our toes in, the routine of most mortals slowly becomes a succession of days spent at the office barely seeing the light of the day and burning our eyes on screens — displaying email windows at worst and surf video that make us jealous at best — only to get fat on wine and cheese at the end of the day….

To be honest it comes a point when putting surfing aside until the come-back of warmer days — or the next holiday in a tropical paradise for those who can afford it — is quite tempting… But this year has been slightly different, and we’d be lying if we credited anything else than Basque Country for it… And a big part of this renewal of enthusiasm is due to this little fishing village not far from Bilbao… If you don’t trust our words for it, here’s a proof in images of how sublime a day at Basque Country’s finest left can look like, courtesy of our friend Carles Medina, featuring Pukas’ finests leading the charge; in order of appearance, Natxo Gonzalez, Aritz Aranburu, Norman Landa and Ruben Victoria.

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