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We recently picked up a copy of Pocket Skateboard Magazine, and were pleasantly surprised.

160 pages thick, the hard cover book focuses on skateboarding in its purest form, depicting mostly travels & profiles through photography, articles and interviews. Knowing the attention that our German friends pay to details, the paper’s quality and overall feel was quite impressive, and we recommend you check their second issue out to see by yourself.

The crew is also keeping busy on the online front: they recently teamed up with Giorgi Balkhamishvili (aka. Giorgi Armani) to visit his home country of Georgia. They took off with friends and fellow Nike riders Marca Barbier, Farid Ulrich and filmmaker Jon Wolf — whose work we’ve been digging off late. With Giorgi leading the pack, he wanted the crew to experience the place in the most authentic way possible, and the above clip proves they were quite successful at that.

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