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To celebrate the release of Ozzie Wright’s latest collection ‘Shoot Rainbows’ the good folks at Volcom decided to host a cheeky art show with the man himself, in London of all places.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little apprehensive at first. London’s not exactly got a great surf crowd. Kinda sounded like a strange idea. Turns out it was a fucking great idea!

First off, high five on whoever picked the venue. If you find yourself in Shoreditch in the near future we highly recommend TT Liquor. From the outset it just looks like a high-end liquor store but once you pass that initial entrance you’ll understand. The place has a cellar bar, a cinema room — screening a bunch of our favourite Ozzie surf clips all night long — and a gallery space upstairs full of Ozzie’s artwork. If you —like us — have grown on the likes of 156 tricks & Creepy Fingers and have been cherishing Ozzie’s craft forever, you know the man likes a bit of colour, and that’s what the exhibition was all about. Taking inspiration from his recent capsule with Volcom, artworks reflected Ozzie’s DIY aesthetics and signature message “Shoot Rainbows into Fascism”, inspiring the crowd to arm themselves with Posca pens and embrace similar creative endeavours.

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Beverages and good vibes were flowing and by the time Dutch band Mooon took to the stage, it’s safe to say Fridays plans had gone out the window. Drinks were spilt, people were crowdsurfing, it’s how all art shows should be from now on. In an age where far too many people take themselves far too seriously, it’s refreshing that humans like Ozzie still exist.

Check out Ozzie’s new Volcom range, now available in limited quantities via Wasted Talent Boutique!

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