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What a pleasure it was meeting Mr. Davies this October.

Before he joined Chippa Wilson and Dion Agius on the Lacertilia tour of dream, we didn’t know much about Jay Davies aside form his love of hucking himself above and under huge Western Australian ledges. 

How that changed quick. 

A week in the forest trying to avoid crowds filming for La Cabane. Then we flew to Amsterdam. Walks on the canal banks at sunset and stumbling along the canal banks at sunrise followed by Rome and Aperol Spritz at the coliseum. Then Jay was about to head home but a little blop showed up on the maps and he was back on French soil for more canned duck and Spanish missions… excellent times we keep close to our hearts indeed, which were reminded to us by Jay’s latests clip.

Yet here, a change of scenery as we follow Jay for 3 minutes of absolute tearing, clad in Mark Oblow’s new creation for RVCA. A brand exercice well accomplished indeed, that should leave you wanting to spend you hard earned money on a pair, or at least hit the water in an attempt to look as flamboyant as the Australian spartan.

We miss you Jay… Let’s hang soon.

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