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Did you know that Daan Van Der Linden was one of Noa Deane’s favourite skaters?

When sharing jars with Noz prior to premiering ‘Cult of Freedom: the Australia part’ a few months back, the subject quickly drifted from surfing and Michael Ho being more skitz that he’s ever been at 61, to skateboarding, and what Noa had been watching of late. Appart from confirming the fact that he is a huge fan of everything Baker, the conversation mainly revolved around Skankie.

Interestingly enough, we find a lot of similarities between Daan and Noah’s approaches to their respective disciplines: two things they have in common would be this raw talent mixed to their unpredictability, a unique break-or-make attitude which make them both a thrill to watch. Skankie is not the most prolific skater on social media, but if you had any doubts about him being on form, the recent Anti-Hero’s video above should constitute a clear enough proof that the young Dutchman fully deserves taking the ‘Best European Skater Award’ home two years in a row.

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