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It’s about that time of the year again.

Yep, that time when the Indian Ocean turns to its charming red and purple tints and Indo edits start popping left and right on the internet, leaving us sat in front of our desk with dangerous thoughts involving Amex and overpriced plane tickets. Over the years, the main advocate of such adventures has been Willy Aliotti, a man who knows how to read maps like no other, but today it will be on Pama Davies.

Pama is a regular footer with a pencheant for right ramps and barrels of the square kind. Despite hailing from Sydney, the man has been spending a lot of time around the Indonesian archipelago in the past few years — and how could we be mad at him for it? It’s not that Bondi is a bad place to film surf clips, as its surroundings are full of picturesque hidden gems. But truth is there’s not many places where you can be more productive than Indonesia when sent there on a strike & accompanied by a filmer. Proof in 4:15 minutes above.

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