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We do love a good collaboration.

And seeing our good friends at Vans teaming up with Pass~Port — one of our favourite board brands — couldn’t make us more hyped. Hailing from the big Island that’s more known under the name of Australia, Pass~Port has been creating an identity of their own over the past few years. With a team including names like Josh Pall, Callum Paul & Dean Palmer, carefully curated aesthetics/designs and videos blending 16mm, raw DV footage and clever animations, we’re fully supporting what Trent Evans and his team have been cooking up lately.

To celebrate the release of their recent Vans collab range, the bunch just released a short edit featuring some of their A-team in the form of a series of plaza sessions, all blent together with their signature humor & own interpretation of the “Off the Wall” aesthetics. If this one doesn’t get you hyped for a weekend skate, we don’t know what will.

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