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Even if you aren’t involved in the sneaker business and that the name CT-IV doesn’t ring a bell, chances of you being familiar with the iconic skate shoe are very high.

Originally designed by Globe & Chet Thomas in the 90’s, the CT-IV shoe has become a staple in the skateboarding scene, becoming one of the most recognizable silhouettes to date, and one of the all time best sellers on the skate-shoe market. Globe dusted off the old design and gave a facelift to the all time design, releasing a revisited version featuring new bold & muted colours. It is one of Brendon Gibbens favourites, and after seeing Tito Lavole coming back from 1 month of intense field laboring wearing them, we feel pretty confident to say that they’ve been designed to resist a few beatings.

The CT-IV might not be the easiest shoe to pull off, but we just can’t deny just how fantastic they look on Clara Berry’s feet. Globe has recently collaborated with our good friends/directing duo Pierre David & Douglas Guillot on this short clip in which Clara takes us on a tour of the French capital for an afternoon. A fine time indeed.

Clara wears the Globe CT-IV as well as the Candy and UZI part of Epøkhe Eyewear’s new collection, now available via Wasted Talent Boutique.

Video by Douglas Guillot & Pierre David. Photography by Pierre David.

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