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Our former Intern of the week (he only showed up for a week) scores!

We were talking to our good friend & lensman extraordinaire Kylian Castells a few weeks ago. He mentioned being headed to Desert Point with Adrien Toyon for his first time at Lombok’s finest left hander. Knowing the man’s ability in left hand tubes, and his penchant for chasing good swells, we had no doubt the combo could look delightful. Although the fly in the ointment is the undisputed fact this is one of Indonesia’ most famous wave, and the crowds reflect this. Having been there on several occasions, we know the place can quickly become pure madness with hordes of vans, boats and bikes converging to the place from all sides of the archipelago at the simple sight of a swell pulse in order to get a piece of the pie.

However, as you’ll quickly release by clicking play on the boys’ video entitled ‘Desierto’, they ended up pulling up to the place looking unusually deserted. The usual hassle wasn’t to be found, Adrien painted the blanc canvas with a grace matched by few, and paired to Kyli’s smooth skills behind the lens & the editing suite, it makes for a lovely 3-minute watch. Dive in.

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