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From the World June 8, 2019

Jarne Verbruggen: What Paradise?

Guillaume Perimony has been up to some gold of late.

From Remy Taveira’s ‘TAV’ to Phil Zwijsen’s ‘Further on the road’ or his numerous photo series published in our favourite European skate publications, Guillaume has been up there with some of our favourite lensmen on European soil of late.

His latest video starring Jarne Verbruggen puts the light on one of the darker spins pursuing a professional skateboarder career can induce, and it might just be his best work yet. Jarne has made a name for himself after releasing his ‘Never Skatebored’ and ‘Element Pro’ parts. He’s known for this spontaneous and fearful approach and anybody with a foot in skateboarding would be quick to recognize he’s one of the rawest talents coming out of Europe in the past decade.

But only seeing the man’s prowesses on the board would be only considering the tip of the iceberg… Those who know Jarne are indeed aware that since many years he has been struggling with a certain demon, which happens to be himself and his addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It is a common story within the skateboarding community, although very few people are willing to open up about the subject, and we oughta tip our hats off to Jarne for sharing such intimate details about the dark times he’s been through.

We can’t urge you enough to watch Guillaume’s beautiful video and to head over to the full article over at Free Skate Mag’s website.

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