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With numerous riders in common, it was just a matter of time before Nike SB and Polar Skate Co. would cook something out together.

After seing Instagram stories and more recently these brilliant print adverts, it was clear that the collaboration between the Swoosh and Pontus Alv’s brainchild wasn’t only a rumor, and what a better place to make it all happen than the sun-kissed shores of Puerto Rico.

For “collaboration” also read “promo video” (at least in 2019) and with the whole collection dropping online today, so did ”Polar Rico”, Tor Ström’s depiction of the team’s recent Caribbean stint. Polar went big and invited their whole A-team for this one; Emile Laurent looks like he’s straight out of Rocket Power, Oski still makes transition look way too easy and seeing more of Ville Wester outside of Instagram is simply wonderful. The dude has a bright future ahead of him and with everybody on the team rising to the occasion, it makes for a very special 8-minute watch.

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