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A few months ago, the Brixton team made their way to the old continent for the release of their recent collaboration range with Independent.

And what other way to mark the occasion than taking over Titus, one of Berlin’s most iconic skate shops. With the German hops on ice, a photo exhibition by the one and only Tobin Yelland and a bowl session organized, with festivities spiralling late in the evening, as they do in Berlin… Considering the pleiades of spots the cities of Berlin and Munich have to offer, we thought street skating would also be on the program during the boys’ lay days, although we didn’t expect filming to be part of it, hence why this little clip comes as a delightful surprise!

‘MOTORIK’ is the tale of their German stint, hopping from Berlin to Munich and skating everything in between. Dolan Stearns graces us with a few magic footsteps, Kenny Anderson comes through with the effortless style he’s known for, whilst Brixton Euro young uns step their game up to celebrate the venue of their American comrades. Press play above and dive into das deutsche abenteuer!

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