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On top of staying as relevant as ever on the board, Dion Agius has recently been leaving a mark of equal importance on surf video culture – from the other side of the editing suite.

After Nti Sheeto, Dion released the Smiling Bag, a 40 minute film mixing abstract 16mm clips & animation works with some memorable action sequences resulting in one of the most original surf videos in recent years. If you happened to find yourself in either Hossegor, Amsterdam or Rome last Autumn, you might have also stumbled on his most recent work: Dark Hollow. Shot entirely on his home island of Tasmania, the film is a key piece of the puzzle in giving birth to surf rave and we recommend keeping your eyes peeled as you should hear more about it here… soon… maybe.

In the meantime we’re being gifted Dion’s latest video work, edited for his new board sponsor Hayden Shapes. Despite his addition to the HS rooster being recent news, Dion ended up on rather familiar terrain, joining longtime friend Craig Anderson, and soon enough the pair headed to the green pastures of New Zealand — a story encapsulated in ‘FORWARD, TO PAST’.

After recently watching Ando score some delightful conditions in all four corners of the world via his latest memorable 20 minute video, we’d almost forget how good he his in less than stellar surf. Witnessing him seamlessly cutting down the lines of New Zealand’s most famous point is a joy to behold that could make you dangerously want to drop your hardly earned salary on one of these Holy Grails… Dion also comes through with a couple of tasty combos, but mostly gave the video a unique visual look, cutting Dave Fox’s impeccable angles into individual sequences that all have a mystique of their own. Linked together with some quirky interludes depicting New Zealand’s new generation of heavy locals, in makes for one of the most enjoyable edits we’ve seen in the past few months.

Enjoy the below preview of ‘FORWARD, TO PAST’ and head to the Hayden Shapes website to download the full video.

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